Network Maintenance March 30, 2024

We have some changes that we're making that should provide a better experience for all players; however, we require a brief downtime to configure and set up the changes. This will result in you being kicked entirely from the network proxy and not being safe to rejoin any server for 5-10 minutes. We'll be updating a few core plugins and configurations during this time.

  • Floodgate 
  • Castle Guard to 2.0 SNAPSHOT 2
  • Chat Plugin(s)
  • Future Proofing Plans

The outage will occur between Saturday March 30th, 2024 at 12AM Eastern US and Saturday March 30th, 2024 at 5AM Eastern US. This is 4AM to 9AM GMT. Estimates of outage times are as follows (in order):

  • 5-10 Minutes Network-wide outage.
  • 15-25 Minutes for Dragonspine due to it's reboot time.
  • 5-10 Minutes for Lobby (will auto-direct you to Dragonspine when down)

We will move players who might be on Dragonspine to the lobby during this time. We will also enable CastleGuard under admin mode to prevent new joins to it during the maintenance.


We will be passing through Floodgate (bedrock auth-data from Geyser) to our backend servers. This allows us to do cool things. One of which is custom commands for bedrock players. This will be useful with new features in Castle Guard 2.0 and make it easier for bedrock players to join server(s). We also are changing the prefix of Bedrock players to be . so be aware of the change ahead of time.

Chat Plugins

We will be implementing a new cross-proxy staff chat plugin. This will allow us to give members of alpha tests, team members, staff members, and admins their channels. Not every matter should be discussed in other channels. We will also be changing away from VentureChat. This does limit some features (channels) that we can currently use but don't. We'll be testing our dev setup beforehand.

Future Proofing

We will be looking to enable a fail-over for our proxies in the future. We currently have two physical servers. We can easily setup and sync settings across them for failure. Sadly, this means we will only have one active member at a time. We can restart them and only impact users who are connected for an extended period. Mojang is implementing a server transfer packet that may help in the future. We will explain this in more detail in the future once more information is available. We hate downtime as much as you. We'd rather you stay connected than not, as it provides a better experience.

Posted on March 28, 2024 by Lethal.Coffee